Understanding Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Many hide their bodies under layers of clothes and makeup to avoid having people make fun of their stretch marks. Yet you can finally liberate yourself and your body from the look of stretch marks thanks to an innovative stretch mark removal method – laser stretch mark removal.

For Red Stretch Marks

If you’re troubled by red stretch marks marring your body, laser stretch mark removal is the best way to get rid of the redness and reduce the inflammation. Most spas use a pulsed-dye laser to focus on the red lines and eliminate the inflammation causing them. In addition, using laser stretch mark removal in this case will boost the production of collagen and help remodel the look of your skin.

For White Stretch Marks

If you have white or silver-colored stretch marks, you may choose a fractional laser stretch mark removal therapy. This method is still under development because white stretch marks are much older and more difficult to erase. According to the latest research, you can easily notice 30-50% improvement in your skin. To make sure this stretch mark removal treatment works, your dermatologist will recommend that you do a test patch. This way you won’t have to go through the session and spend your money unnecessarily.

The Procedure

Regardless which aforementioned method you undergo, the stretch mark removal procedure is the same. When a specialist aims the laser onto your skin, the beam of light will eliminate thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. Some lasers will break down the molecular bonds in the skin tissue to disintegrate the skin. After the process, your skin starts healing and new layers of healthy skin will start building up. Then, your stretch marks will no longer be visible.

After the Procedure

You need to take good care of your skin after the procedure. Since your skin will be red and sensitive to the touch, you may need to take a few days off to allow your skin to heal. Yet, healing may take longer depending on your habits and medical history. All the waiting will be worth your time though when you’ll have smooth, flawless skin that isn’t scarred with stretch marks.

Laser stretch mark removal has proven to be more effective than creams and other stretch mark removal methods. However, you need to keep in mind that your stretch marks won’t go away completely, which is why you may still require stretch mark coverup such as conventional concealer or paramedical airbrush foundations like that from Dinair.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

removal cream Stretch Mark Removal Cream
Literally, a lot of stretch mark removal cream and other related products are on the market right now because stretch marks nowadays are such big fuzz. It created a big market because stretch marks are such a common problem.

In choosing the right stretch mark removal cream you should always focus on the ingredients. Some of the stretch mark creams available are just a little more than hand lotion in a striking package. You have to make sure that you are getting a product with ingredients that help collagen production in the skin. These components target the main problem causing stretch marks.

In addition, stretch mark removal cream has been specifically formulated to astoundingly make your stretch marks disappear. The ingredients should be rich in Vitamins and oils that feed the skin and repair it to its previous healthy form. Some stretch mark removal cream helps the skin to restore its natural appearance when the formula enters the skin and helps stimulation of skin regeneration.

It will condense the depth, length and texture of the current appearance of the stretch marks. It will heal and restore discoloration from damaged skin. I will radically recover the smoothness of the skin as it increases collagen and elastin production. As an extra advantage, stretch mark removal cream also lessens the signs of skin aging. Although it may take time, but once the stretch marks disappear it will be gone forever.

But for immediate cover up, Airbrush Makeup is always the best alternative. For a flawless, even skin tone Airbrushing is the perfect way to do it. Just choose the best tone that matches your skin, spray, and just like magic stretch mark is concealed.

So, why hassle yourself with the scary thought of painful surgery which costs thousands of dollars when you can do it the natural way.

Stretch Mark Concealer

Stretch Mark Concealer

airbrush makeup Stretch Mark Concealer

Stretch mark scars are often described as the ugly reddish, pinkish or purplish lines on the skin. Typically these appear during pregnancy or when you suddenly gain weight. Most of the time stretch marks can be seen in the arms, hips, thighs, buttocks and belly. This is actually caused when the skin loses its elasticity. Just seeing these marks can easily upset a person. And for someone to flaunt a flawless skin, especially during summer time, one should know how to choose a good stretch mark concealer.

Another major worry of individuals who suffer from stretch mark is the change in color and texture on the skin. At times when the scars fade it still leaves a silvery mark. And for a quick cover up make-up foundation, cream or lotion is often used by some people to hide the stretch marks,but in some cases it was proven that the best thing to do is to use a high quality concealer.

In reality, concealer is commonly used most of the time on the face as make-up base before putting a foundation. It is often used to cover the dark circles under the eyes, freckles, age spots and other skin discolorations so it can become unnoticed. Nowadays, it is used to hide and cover stretch marks since it has variations of colors that match the skin tone.

A few pointers to get the right concealer; those who have normal to oily skin types need to get a dry and creamy concealer, on the other hand liquid concealers are more appropriate for people who have dry skin. You do not want to end up patchy or shiny just because you used the wrong type of concealer, right? Stretch marks have a distinct color that is really hard to hide. Not to mention some scars have creases. This is the reason why it is best to get a concealer that will have a natural effect on your skin once you use it

All these ideas about stretch mark concealer and how you can hide it are meant to only temporarily hide these unsightly marks. And you might need a touch up every now and then. But for the best flawless results I suggest you try using an Airbrush Make-Up Kit. It is so easy to use and has a maximum coverage result. Just a few swish your stretch marks will be concealed and it can stay up to 12 long hours.

Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

applying lotion Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Stretch marks often appear as brown, pink or red scars when the mid layer of the skin is stretched. As a result of pregnancy, weight gain or loss and sometimes growth spurts during puberty may result in stretch marks. Although laser and surgical treatments can be the only ways to get rid of stretch marks completely, natural treatment ways can also help lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Here are a few tips to help you treat stretch marks the natural way.

1. Use creams and lotions that are available at any drug store to make those stretch mark scars fade. But be watchful of bold claims made by companies. A lot of stretch mark creams comes with a hefty price tag, but they may not have the ingredients different from natural oils or cheap creams. Try to look for products which contain vitamin E, vitamin K, cocoa butter and aloe Vera, as these all nourish the skin and can help diminish the appearance of scars, including stretch marks.

Gently massage oils and creams deep into your skin to develop circulation and enrich the nourishing effects to increase your skin’s elasticity. Apricot scrub can help fade the look of stretch marks when you rub it over the affected zone at least once a day. But be cautious not to rub too hard as irritating your skin may essentially make the scars look redder.

If you wish to make your own stretch mark gel, using a blender, try mixing the liquid from four Vitamin A capsule and six Vitamin E capsules with ¼ Aloe Vera gel and ½ cup Olive oil.Put it in a plastic bowl or container and chill the mixture in the fridge. To use, simply rub it on your stretch marks daily to help fade them. If you are pregnant, you have to check with your doctor first before using any creams or other stretch mark products.

But if you want to hide those stretch marks without the fear of getting the wrong medication or creams and you are always on the go. The best natural alternative is using an Airbrush Makeup Kit. It is so convenient to use and it will give you a good cover up for those scars. All you need to do is get the right color for your skin tone set it up and with a few swish of the Airbrush you can cover it and it will magically be concealed. What’s good about this magic wand is that it can last more than 12 hours without any touch up. So, go ahead look flawless and pretty all day all the time.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

prevent stretch mark How to Prevent Stretch Marks

During the adolescent age, stretch marks are such a common issue in life (I believe it is next to acne). Although it is a given fact, that majority of us will have stretch marks at certain point in our lives. People still tend to over react when the look in the mirror and notice a red or purple blemish somewhere on the thighs or belly.

But come to think of it, you can develop stretch marks by adding or dropping weight quickly,during puberty, pregnancy etc. That means that there is really no way to escaping these scars.

Although stretch marks fade over time it truly never vanishes. It does fade to a light silvery color that is hardly noticeable though, but still a change on one area of your skin can be awkward.Stretch marks on the other hand are harmless to your health;yes, they may be unpleasant to most that have them. But it is nature’s way of telling us that we are not taking care of our body. Let me share a few preventive measures you can try to prevent stretch marks.

First,I would like to reiterate that these preventive measures to prevent stretch marks may not work for everybody. Some are genetically prone to stretch marks. It is unavoidable and at some point in their life they will see them appear. Others get stretch marks in the course of pregnancy and this is quite very hard to avoid. As a matter of fact, about 65%-75% of pregnant women develop stretch marks between the 7th and 8th month of their pregnancy.As belly grows bigger and fast, stretch mark prevention may be close to impossible. Nevertheless, for the others who want to win the battle against the purple lines you can try these measures.

A healthy diet will be the initial step to prevent stretch marks. If the body is completely healthy, your skin will absolutely be healthy as well. Be sure to take plenty of high protein foods. Protein is made up of of chains of amino acids that are used by our bodies to help develop muscles, hair, skin and nails. It also tends to strengthen collagen in the skin. Note that the weakening of collagen causes stretch marks.

Secondly, drink sufficient amount of water. We already know that the more fluid the bodies have,the better, since the skin will be nourished and if the skin can maintain its elasticity there will be less chances of having stretch marks.

Regular exercise is also good for the body. But do not overdo it or you will see stretch marks appear with those bulges. Avoid over exposure to the sun. It can harm your skins natural nourishment.

If all these precautionary measures didn’t work, there’s always an alternative available. Over-the-counter products like lotions and creams are always offered. But for lasting flawless coverage you can use an Airbrush Makeup kit. Just a few sprays and you will have the perfect coverage you can imagine.

How to Hide Stretch Marks for the summer

How to Hide Stretch Marks for the Summer

Want to know how to hide those ugly stretch marks for summer’s bare-it-all styles the natural way? Grab that cocoa butter and start using them. The secret here is using a solid cocoa butter, rather than a milder lotion. Gently massage it on the areas with stretch marks twice daily to nourish skin and reduce damage. It is advisable to do it after taking a bath or shower.Begin this practice a few weeks before spring or summer for best results.

A light tan also lessens the appearance of stretch marks. Use a self-tanning lotion or use an Airbrush Makeup Kit to cover up those stretch marks especially if you won’t be in the water much. You can also try a concealer or cover-up cream.

Using Tanning beds or sun tanning is a bad idea, since tanning can make the stretch marks even darker it will not tan. Wear a sunscreen with high SPF all over your body so the stretch marks do not become worse.

If those scars are not really that noticeable, you can try choosing the right swimsuit to wear. Try to wear a swimsuit that offers more coverage, if you intend to be in the water a lot. For stretch marks on the hips and thighs, you can wear a two piece swim wear but instead of wearing a bikini wear a boy leg shorts to cover the hips and thighs. Choose bright colors, and attractive prints to take the attention off of your skin and on the sexy beach body instead.

If you have stretch marks on the tops of your breasts, you can wear a tank top that’s higher-cut or a tube-top.If you just really shop around you may even find bikini tops with added coverage. For a sexier appearance you can also look for high-necked halter tops or swimsuits with a transparent material that goes up to the neck. The see-through material will cover your stretch marks.

But if you just want to hang around and enjoy walking on the beach on a two piece bikini with no intentions of going in the water, just do a quick Airbrushing. Use an Airbrush makeup kit and you will be flawless all day.

Body Makeup

Body Makeup

body on beach1 Body Makeup

With summer come sexy and daring outfits and clothes. Concealing those stretchmarks may also worry you; body makeup on the other hand may help you build confidence in showing off your tummy, legs and arms.

Looking for body make-up products can be big fuzz. So I suggest you look for a brand that is designed to mask discolored areas. A few heavy based or thick make up is generally more effective when it comes to covering the color of the scars.The right way to apply the make-up is to use your fingertips and do an up and down motion to blend it well on the skin. It is also a good idea to put on an allover body moisturizer before applying the make-up and then finish it with a powder.

A lot of people may not be aware why body makeup is a better alternative to cover the marks with all the different foundations and concealers that are offered in the market. Sometimes a light and sheer foundation makeup is not enough to really conceal those imperfections like stretch marks. It is because those make-ups are actually formulated for our face. Not to mention the fact that body make-up is lasts longer than foundation and it doesn’t just rub off.

To make sure that the body makeup looks natural and real pick the shade that matches your skin tone. Just pat or smudge a small amount of the body makeup on the part you want to conceal and then finish it up with a powder. In brushing off excess powder, use a big makeup brush. An oil based makeup remover is required to take out the body makeup.In choosing body makeup formula you have to make sure that it will create a natural look and it won’t clog your pores.

One perfect alternative for body makeup is an Airbrush Makeup Kit. It can cover everything from freckles to wrinkles and even stretch marks. Covering body imperfections will be a lot easier using an Airbrush. Whatever you want to hide can be concealed with just a few swings of the airbrush. Aside from that it doesn’t smudge and it stays long.

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