Body Makeup

Body Makeup

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With summer come sexy and daring outfits and clothes. Concealing those stretchmarks may also worry you; body makeup on the other hand may help you build confidence in showing off your tummy, legs and arms.

Looking for body make-up products can be big fuzz. So I suggest you look for a brand that is designed to mask discolored areas. A few heavy based or thick make up is generally more effective when it comes to covering the color of the scars.The right way to apply the make-up is to use your fingertips and do an up and down motion to blend it well on the skin. It is also a good idea to put on an allover body moisturizer before applying the make-up and then finish it with a powder.

A lot of people may not be aware why body makeup is a better alternative to cover the marks with all the different foundations and concealers that are offered in the market. Sometimes a light and sheer foundation makeup is not enough to really conceal those imperfections like stretch marks. It is because those make-ups are actually formulated for our face. Not to mention the fact that body make-up is lasts longer than foundation and it doesn’t just rub off.

To make sure that the body makeup looks natural and real pick the shade that matches your skin tone. Just pat or smudge a small amount of the body makeup on the part you want to conceal and then finish it up with a powder. In brushing off excess powder, use a big makeup brush. An oil based makeup remover is required to take out the body makeup.In choosing body makeup formula you have to make sure that it will create a natural look and it won’t clog your pores.

One perfect alternative for body makeup is an Airbrush Makeup Kit. It can cover everything from freckles to wrinkles and even stretch marks. Covering body imperfections will be a lot easier using an Airbrush. Whatever you want to hide can be concealed with just a few swings of the airbrush. Aside from that it doesn’t smudge and it stays long.

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