How to Hide Stretch Marks for the summer

How to Hide Stretch Marks for the Summer

Want to know how to hide those ugly stretch marks for summer’s bare-it-all styles the natural way? Grab that cocoa butter and start using them. The secret here is using a solid cocoa butter, rather than a milder lotion. Gently massage it on the areas with stretch marks twice daily to nourish skin and reduce damage. It is advisable to do it after taking a bath or shower.Begin this practice a few weeks before spring or summer for best results.

A light tan also lessens the appearance of stretch marks. Use a self-tanning lotion or use an Airbrush Makeup Kit to cover up those stretch marks especially if you won’t be in the water much. You can also try a concealer or cover-up cream.

Using Tanning beds or sun tanning is a bad idea, since tanning can make the stretch marks even darker it will not tan. Wear a sunscreen with high SPF all over your body so the stretch marks do not become worse.

If those scars are not really that noticeable, you can try choosing the right swimsuit to wear. Try to wear a swimsuit that offers more coverage, if you intend to be in the water a lot. For stretch marks on the hips and thighs, you can wear a two piece swim wear but instead of wearing a bikini wear a boy leg shorts to cover the hips and thighs. Choose bright colors, and attractive prints to take the attention off of your skin and on the sexy beach body instead.

If you have stretch marks on the tops of your breasts, you can wear a tank top that’s higher-cut or a tube-top.If you just really shop around you may even find bikini tops with added coverage. For a sexier appearance you can also look for high-necked halter tops or swimsuits with a transparent material that goes up to the neck. The see-through material will cover your stretch marks.

But if you just want to hang around and enjoy walking on the beach on a two piece bikini with no intentions of going in the water, just do a quick Airbrushing. Use an Airbrush makeup kit and you will be flawless all day.

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