Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

applying lotion Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Stretch marks often appear as brown, pink or red scars when the mid layer of the skin is stretched. As a result of pregnancy, weight gain or loss and sometimes growth spurts during puberty may result in stretch marks. Although laser and surgical treatments can be the only ways to get rid of stretch marks completely, natural treatment ways can also help lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Here are a few tips to help you treat stretch marks the natural way.

1. Use creams and lotions that are available at any drug store to make those stretch mark scars fade. But be watchful of bold claims made by companies. A lot of stretch mark creams comes with a hefty price tag, but they may not have the ingredients different from natural oils or cheap creams. Try to look for products which contain vitamin E, vitamin K, cocoa butter and aloe Vera, as these all nourish the skin and can help diminish the appearance of scars, including stretch marks.

Gently massage oils and creams deep into your skin to develop circulation and enrich the nourishing effects to increase your skin’s elasticity. Apricot scrub can help fade the look of stretch marks when you rub it over the affected zone at least once a day. But be cautious not to rub too hard as irritating your skin may essentially make the scars look redder.

If you wish to make your own stretch mark gel, using a blender, try mixing the liquid from four Vitamin A capsule and six Vitamin E capsules with ¼ Aloe Vera gel and ½ cup Olive oil.Put it in a plastic bowl or container and chill the mixture in the fridge. To use, simply rub it on your stretch marks daily to help fade them. If you are pregnant, you have to check with your doctor first before using any creams or other stretch mark products.

But if you want to hide those stretch marks without the fear of getting the wrong medication or creams and you are always on the go. The best natural alternative is using an Airbrush Makeup Kit. It is so convenient to use and it will give you a good cover up for those scars. All you need to do is get the right color for your skin tone set it up and with a few swish of the Airbrush you can cover it and it will magically be concealed. What’s good about this magic wand is that it can last more than 12 hours without any touch up. So, go ahead look flawless and pretty all day all the time.

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